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Hi! My name is Jen Breslin, owner of Wise To Organize. I am a neat freak and I LOVE to organize, plain and simple. Organizing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Those who know me well would say that being organized is in my DNA. Over the years, I have tackled many projects - purging closets and cabinets, filing piles of paperwork, corralling toys, to name just a few. These tasks can be overwhelming for some, but for me they are things I truly enjoy doing. I view each project like it is a puzzle that needs to be put together just so. Becoming a professional organizer had been a dream of mine for many years, now it is your time to realize your dream of being a more efficient and happier you!


I believe that 1) there is a place for everything and 2) less is more. Finding a home for things sometimes requires thinking outside the box or knowing how to optimize the space you have. I spent nine years working in visual merchandising fine-tuning that very skill which now enables me to make the most of any space, big or small. I am also of the belief that you should not have to spend a lot of money on accessories to be organized. Ideally, I prefer to use what is already at the client’s disposal. The overall goal should be to minimize what you have or, at the very least, keep it the same. Achieving order in the most efficient and practical manner possible is one of my primary objectives.


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